Tails Story in the Works

2008-05-21 14:46:27 by Dash-ZERO

I know I announced it last year but we all know I would have finished it by then. Being that i'm a bit more experienced and a lot more comfortable with Flash, I have recently started my new project.

Unlike Tails Quest, Tails Story is a completely different story being that it's based off of my other TailsXCosmo comic. Also to respond to my "BAD BACKGROUNDS" criticism, which i've said beofre was executed that way because I wanted it to look like my comic, I'm re-drawing the backgrounds with Open Canvas 4 to hopefully make them look better. Better audio optimization. And to be more like my original Tails Story comic, some scenes will feature fully drawn characters instead of sprites. Sounds a bit weird but it worked for my comics.

Special Features will include Scene Selections which was absent in my previous flash due to project misplacement and the sole fact that my computer SUCKS! In addition I will try to put in a Picture viewer so that you can actually read the comic without trying to look for it which i'm sure no one has, lol. That's about it I think. I hope you will all (whoever you are) will enjoy my new flash!


Next Flash Project 07

2007-08-08 16:12:27 by Dash-ZERO

For my next Flash title I will be making another Taismo (Tails and Cosmo) flash titled Tails Story. this is based loosely on my third comic series and I will work hard on it to try to bring the comic to animation process as best as to my ability^^ As to any other Flash Projects: This one I just mentioned will be the only one I'll work on for now!