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Next Flash Project 07

2007-08-08 16:12:27 by Dash-ZERO

For my next Flash title I will be making another Taismo (Tails and Cosmo) flash titled Tails Story. this is based loosely on my third comic series and I will work hard on it to try to bring the comic to animation process as best as to my ability^^ As to any other Flash Projects: This one I just mentioned will be the only one I'll work on for now!


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2007-08-08 20:35:22

That sounds pretty sweet. Your 1st flash was good, & I'm curious about what this one will be about.
BTW, I think there's already a flash called "Tails story" on NG (Nope, it isn't a Taismo movie).

Dash-ZERO responds:

I know about that so i will make the NG title Tails Story The Flash lol


2007-12-11 20:49:58

your awesome keep on making that Sonic stuff your great!!!


2008-03-30 15:47:41

All I can say at the moment is "best of luck to ya"... i cant think of anything else to say, really.